Fees - Motoring Offences

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Fees - Motoring Offences

Legal aid is not always available for the majority of motoring offences.  Where it is available we will advise you on eligibility.  Where legal aid is not available we offer a service based on either a fixed fee or hourly rate depending on the circumstances and complexity of your case.

Our typical fixed fee for a guilty plea is between £1000 plus VAT and £1500 plus VAT depending on the court location.

Fee includes:

  • 2 hours attendance/preparation
    • consideration of any documents
    • taking instructions
    • advice on plea and sentence options
  • Attendance and representation at a single hearing in the Magistrates Court

Representation at trial on a not guilty plea - our typical fee would be £2500 - £3000 plus VAT for the first day and an additional £500.00 plus VAT for each subsequent day.